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WindMar Trainees:

We are happy to have you join us and we welcome you to the team! This portal is designed to host all of the resources you may need during your training.

Be sure you have completed all of the onboarding steps below to ensure your success!

5 Steps to Success

Step 1: Attend the WindMar Opportunity Hiring Event Tuesday at 6:00pm "Click Here" to sign up

Step 2: Complete the WindMar Trainee Agreement

Step 3: Complete the assigned WindMar Training Modules "Click Here" to login

Step 4: Attend the WindMar Solar Bootcamp Thursdays at 10:00am "Click Here" to sign up

Step 5: Close your first 3 deals and graduate to a Solar Consultant

How do I get started?

You're in the right place! Be sure you have completed the following steps: Attended the "Windmar Opportunity" Webinar Tuesday 6:00 PM, Signed the Trainee Agreement, and Received the training courses

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the Windmar Opportunity Webinar Tuesday at 6:00pm please use the following link to register:


Where do I put my leads?

Please upload all of your leads through the academy webform: fl.windmar.us/academy and complete all required fields

How do I fill out attendance?

Please use the attendance form to log your attendance at the "Windmar Opportunity" on Friday and the "Solar Bootcamp" Thursday.

Link: Solar Academy Attendance (smartsheet.com)

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