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Office Directory and Roles

Client Coordinators

Ivan Negroni Pre-Engineering/ Permitting

Ext. 130 |

Welcome calls+ Site Survey Schedule+ Confirm tech assign for SS+ Call HO to schedule all Site Survey not already confirmed+Create SS site capture+ Confirm SS completed+ Reschedule SS+ Call Customer to advise expected time for permitting+ Call HO plans have delays or issues do revision or corrections.

Pre-Engineering/ Permitting

Diana Adler Pre-Engineering &NTP

Ext. 103 |

Collect POA/NOC/Permit app+ Notarized received docs+ Advised HO about needing Tier 2 insurance+ Assist with getting Umbrella quote+ Paying umbrella quotes+ Send and gather waivers+ Process lean release request+ Coordinate with Online notary clients need to be contacted.

Maria Vazquez Utility & In Service

Ext. 106 |

Call HO to explain how to sign or grant Windmar access for IC+ Explain expected PTO time based on utility+ Complete in-Service call+ Email HO link for access to monitoring app + Manage inbound emails from utilities+ Submit PTO to finance companies+ create ticket for tech to turn on systems+ create ticket for system with issues once PTO.

Lilibeth Diaz All stages

Ext. 135 |

Confirm FDA+ Get with engineering if HO does not approve original FDA + Gather HOA info+ Gather plat Survey and send to engineering to inlay FDA+ Submit, follow up and complete HOA approval+ Confirm HOA provided Salesperson via Windmar contract +Ordering the promo items +Calling HO to confirm NOC and POA left at home and requesting they sign and send back+ Filling out utility apps for KUA, Teco and other non-portal utilities+ gathering and filling out HOA Arc forms+ Assist with any date entry documentation.

Natasha Pinto All stages

Ext. 128 |

Direct Supervisor to PR and Colombia Support team+ Will cover CC task when out on vacation. Assist with training of CC team

Yazmin Malave Pre-Engineering & Install

Ext. 117 |

Update Site Survey calendar+ Confirm tech assign for SS+ Create SS site capture+ Schedule all installs with HO+ If confirmed makeupdates in Zoho+ Coordinate with install manager if install needs reschedule+ Update installcalendar+ create install site capture+ crate Enphase account for install+ Call to gather installation experience+ Mark install complete

Sales Coordinators

Alejandro Barajas Won, Pre-Engineering &NTP

Follow up with client coordinatorsfor NOC/POA, Final design and project is on track+ Confirm Site visits are scheduled+ Assist SP getting reroof quoting+ Follow up on reroof status+ Assist sales Rep with any doubts of the process.

Anderson Gaviria Won, Pre-Engineering &NTP

Ext. 147 |

Gather from sales rep all documents required to clear NTP+ Work Won report+ Verify finance webpage to gather new deals+ Create Catalyst credentials+ Mark when trainee reach 3 sales

Adalberto Moreno Won, Pre-Engineering &NTP

Ext. 306 |

Sales coordinator for deal reamending from sales partners+ Be the person of contact for the English in house team+ Call English candidates to schedule for the Solar Acadamy

Betsy Velez All stages

Ext. 109 |

Train and assist in-house sales coordinators+ Complete change orders based on shade report+ Follow up with accounting about change orders requested via + Gather all docs for roof CP+ follow up on shade waiver+ Assist sales rep in all escalated deals.

Customer Service

Cristina Iñesta Post Install

Ext. 100 |

Schedule MSP+ schedule any other tech visit requested to her with HO.

Luis G Ortiz Post Install, Utility & In service

Ext. 151 |

Service Scheduler+ Assign tech to service tickets+ schedule visits with HO+ create route for techs+ Set correction appointments with tech and HO+ Call HO to troubleshoot systems

Mara Brache All stages

Ext. 113 |

Take over all escalation calls+ answer legal letters+ Train all CSR rep+ Oversees customer service department. Assist with BBB and Google reviews resolution.

Delyvette Acevedo All stages

Ext. 144 |

Answer and assist all incoming calls. Provide update on project status to HO+ Resolve Tier 1 customer service issues.

Jose Pinto All Stages

Ext. 138 |

Fill out and submit all interconnection applications+ Make sure all required doc by Utility company collected (Umbrella, UB, Plan, Passed inspection)+Create service ticket for pictures needed+ Crete ticket for correction requested by utility + Follow up application status with utility+ Manage inbound emails from utilities+ Submit PTO to finance companies+ create utility account with their requirements+ direct contact for any utility QA.

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