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WindMar Academy

Why Windmar Solar Academy?

WindMar Group is the leading renewable energy company in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with over 20 years in the industry and is becoming the fastest-growing solar energy company in Florida.

Since 2002, the WindMar Group has pioneered renewable energy development. Established in Florida since 2017, WindMar currently owns and operates one of the largest solar energy portfolios in the Caribbean. Our original customers varied from utilities purchasing energy from solar farms to companies wanting to lower their electricity bills. More recently thousands of homeowners have joined us wanting to lower their environmental impact while adding value to their homes.

Homeowners benefitting from solar energy have been changing the way the world generates energy. By producing your own renewable energy, you help your community depend less on large fossil fuel power plants while saving money and adding value to your home

What is WindMar Academy?

WindMar Solar Academy is a unique opportunity that allows anyone the opportunity to sell with us.

We want you to succeed and provide you the resources to do so, from free training courses to a full mentorship program we will have you confidently selling solar before you know it!

Steps to Success

  • Attend WindMar Opportunity Webinar Tuesday at 6:00pm

  • Complete WindMar Trainee Agreement

  • Create an account on the WindMar Training Center

  • Complete courses 101-105

  • Attend solar bootcamp and lead generation classes

  • Close your first 3 deals

  • Graduate to a Solar Consultant

Academy Schedule

  • Windmar Opportunity every Tuesday at 6:00 pm English & Spanish

  • Windmar Bootcamp and Lead Gen classes every Thursday at 10:00 am

Hi there! What can I help you with today?

You can ask me things like: Ex. Who Handles Commission?

Ex. How do I recieve the courses?

Ex. How do I join Windmar Academy?

6753 Kingspointe Pkwy suite 107, Orlando, FL 32819, USA



Orlando Office

6753 Kingspointe Pkwy Ste. 111, Orlando, FL 32819

Office Number

(321) 418-8652

(321) 414-8608

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