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Closing a Deal?

Follow this guide to ensure you have completed all necessary steps to finalize your deal!

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  • Photos of needed documents, uploaded to

    • Homeowner ID

    • Utility Bill

    • Declarations Page

    • Plot Survey (HOA only)

Photo ID

Utility Bill

Declarations Page

Plot Survey


Contract (Cash)


Contract (Sunnova)





Validation (Sunnova)




How do I complete the Online Validation

Click HERE to visit the online validation portal. Once you are on the website follow these steps:

1: Input System ID (found in the completed contract)

2: Input the code sent to the customer

3: Create an account for the customer using the same email used on the contract

4: You're ready for validation

Adders List

125/200 Amp Main Service Panel Upgrade

Attic Run add $1,000

Non- Shingle Roof add $0.15 Per Watt

Ground Mount add $0.95 Per Watt

System Sizes Under 5kW add $2,500

Tier 2 Insurance add $1,500

South Florida (Miami, Broward) add $0.25 Per Watt

Water Heater 50 Gal Price add $3,050 (includes install)

Water Heater 80 Gal Price add $4,200 (includes install)

Pricing Guidelines and Best Practices:


Suggested Price: $3.65

Min Price: $3.25

Min. Lease Escalator = %2.90

(2) Battery Price with Lease = $125 mo

(2) Battery Price with Loan = $26,900


Ground Mount Adder = $.95

South Florida Adder = $.25

Home Depot adder $.25

Attic Run = $1,000

Site Survey Scheduling Best Practices

Location Specifications

•Site Surveys must be scheduled per area.

•A Site Survey for Miami may not be scheduled under the Central FL calendar. In the event of a Site Survey scheduled in the incorrect area, the appointment will be rescheduled with Homeowner

Homeowner’s Presence Required

•When access into the home is required for:

•Batteries and/or Attic Run is sold.

•The HO has an interior breaker panel.

•Attic runs are not available, but we will still require it to be accessible at site visit for eaves run only.

•Notice Of Commencement (NOC) and Permit Application will be signed.

Calendar Availability

•If a timeslot becomes available prior to the scheduled appointment date, we will offer the customer the option to move up date for SS.

Provide to Homeowner

•Provide the homeowner with the Windmarphone number and save into their phones (407) 308-0099 to recognize installer to homeowner communication through their solar installation process.

Site Survey Scheduling Requirements

•If Finance is not completed, Site Survey will be cancelled. Sales Representative and Homeowner will be informed.

•Site Survey may not be scheduled within 3 business days of the point of sale. Cut-off time for scheduling a SS for the upcoming Monday will be Friday at 3pm (unless time slot is available upon booking).

•Windmar will make 3 attempts within 72 hours to schedule the SS (call, voicemail, text and email); if there is no response, Windmar will notify Sales Rep via text to further assist. However, Homeowner must call in to confirm or confirm via text.

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